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Mon 11th December  
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The Remembering Tree


The Remembering Tree has been a huge success raising over £5,000 for our work in some of the poorest communities in Africa. Over 400 people have been celebrated; multiple businesses supported the tree and every school in Stratford participated. 

The Remembering Tree gives people space and time to celebrate life in all its colours and it will be in place for the duration of Christmas and into the New Year.  

Making a donation, celebrating a loved one and helping communities and children in Africa are all wonderful gifts, and The Remembering Tree gives you the opportunity to do all three.

Yarn bombing sqaures

How does it work?

The Remembering Tree will be made up of over 1,500 crocheted synthetic wool squares (which are harmless to the tree). Half the squares will be produced in South Africa by women from poor communities to help boost their income and gain new skills. The other half are coming from local communities here in the UK. The tree will be 'Yarn Bombed' overnight and will coincide with the beginning of December. The tree will be decorated for about 6 weeks. After we take the yarn squares down, the wool will be washed and recycled into blankets to be either sent back to Southern Africa or given to a homeless charity in the local area. 

Yarn bombing sqaures

Why is the tree’s location a secret?

Yarn bombing is a quiet (somewhat underground) movement and it has a shock and awe value. Although Stratford District Council are fully behind the ‘The Remembering Tree’, and are aware of its location, we want to keep it a secret so that you can get a great sense of pleasure from the surprise.


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