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Sat 23rd June  
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Stratford Farmers' Market


As we all become more conscious of what we eat and where our food originates Farmer’s Markets become ever more popular, none more so than Stratford’s own Farmers' market which happens twice monthly.

The defining characteristics of a Farmers' Market are that the producers should sell their own produce – share their passion for their produce and sample their goods - and all produce should be made from local ingredients wherever possible (usually not more than 30 miles away).

Surrounded by the rich agricultural landscape of rural Warwickshire there are always some very tasty treats on offer in the Rother Street Farmers' Markets.

Please be aware that the markets maybe effected by adverse weather conditions.


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Farmer's Market, Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon,

Tel: 01512 332165


Contact Information

Tel: 01512 332165