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Mon 25th July  
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Titus Andronicus


A Roman General returns from a brutal ten year war to bury the sons he has lost in conflict. To honour their deaths he executes the eldest child of his enemies' Queen. 

The end of the war and this final act of sacrifice is not the end of bloodshed. A chain of murder and retribution engulfs Rome as Titus struggles to escape the horror of violent deeds done in a violent world.


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Royal Shakespeare Company & Theatres, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon,

Tel: 0844 800 1110


Contact Information

Tel: 0844 800 1110

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Shakespeare's rarely performed romance is directed by Melly Still who designed Tales from Ovid and Midnight's Children for the RSC and whose directing credits include The Cunning Little Vixen for Glyndebourne Opera and Coram Boy for the National Theatre.

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Royal Shakespeare Company and Theatres


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